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Historical Promotions and Event Management was founded in March 1999, by Managing Director Rob Butler, and has focused its ethos on providing high quality live historical re-enactments and costumed interpretation events for the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Industry. We have organised a considerable number of historical and cultural events in the UK with over 600 organised since 1999 for local authorities, historic properties, museums and show and festival organisers. We were voted ‘Finalist’ in the 2008 Event Awards and have also recently received two highly prestigious awards from the Renaissance Heritage Awards for our professional work within the industry.

Our company also works internationally with a range of companies, governmental offices and tourism agencies on cultural heritage events and projects providing consultancy and contractual services to our clients working in museums, historic properties, heritage interpretation centres and archaeological sites, tourism heritage and local, regional and national government agencies on sustainable tourism development programmes.

As a company, we also provide an extensive programme of corporate hospitality and entertainment packages for our clients working with national and multi-national companies, official bodies and privately for award ceremonies, conferences, launches, dinners, themed events, team working and family fun days within the UK and internationally.

Historical Promotions has an in-depth understanding of our clients' needs and provides a professional and personalised service managing everything from small-scale events to large shows and festivals. Since the company’s formation, we have worked with leading museums, historic properties, cultural heritage institutions, official bodies, local authorities, tourism sites, parks and gardens on a number of high profile events and festivals. We are a multi-disciplinary service that untertakes historical research, designs, plans, develops and delivers event programmes and live interpretation for our clients. We provide professionally skilled and specialist interpreters, re-enactors, performers and artistes for a single event to a full annual event programme. We also provide script writing and narration services and design time tabled events to suit our clients' needs and can provide public relations and marketing strategies to promote events and projects.

Historical Promotions and Event Management works with its sister companies, which were also formed in 1999, to offer its clients in archaeological resource project management; the film and television industry and education sector a unique service in these specialist areas. To find out more about our ever-expanding range of services, please visit our sister companies Archaeology and Heritage Management Consultancy, Heritage Film Services and Heritage Education Service.

Historical Promotions with its sister companies, is the only organisation in the UK which is able to provide such a wide and multi-disciplinary service to our clients within the Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Leisure industries. We have established an enviable reputation for our professional project management, high quality and cost effective programming for our clients and it is our intention to use these strengths to continue to develop our position within the UK and internationally.

To find out how Historical Promotions and Event Management can help you, please browse our site to see how you can benefit from our broad range of services for your event or to enhance your visitor experience at your historical site.