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International Cultural Heritage Event Management

Historical Promotions and Event Management provides various strategies and innovative design proposals to meet the requirements of international conventions in managing tangible and intangible heritage projects. We are able to advise and organise the harnessing of our cultural heritage through tourism development, in a range of island, small state and developing economies to help bring socio-economic regeneration to diverse cultures and ethnic groups. We are also able to provide a range of cultural heritage management services to our international clients; governments, international agencies, multi-national companies and indigenous populations with managing the historic environment for community projects, tourism and heritage schemes in developed economies.

Our company works with a range of clients including museums, historic properties, heritage interpretation centres and archaeological sites, visitor centres, national parks, tourist attractions and partnerships, NGO's, local, regional and national government agencies in Europe, North America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia to provide an international heritage management, interpretation and consultancy service for sustainable tourism projects and events. We also advise and assist with improving tourism infrastructure, development, promotion and marketing to support our range of international services to our clients.

Prior to the establishment of Historical Promotions and Event Management, we worked in Germany on a number of cultural interpretation projects and have since organised events on behalf of the Government of Japan and Government of Gibraltar.

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To find out more about our international services and how we can develop your historical site or project, please contact us.