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  • Middlewich Roman Festival
  • Rochester Medieval Festival and Son et Lumières

    In 2005 Historical Promotions and Event Management organised a Medieval Festival and Son et Lumières as part of Medway Council’s and Rochester Castles (English Heritage) event programme exploring the conflict between the church and the crown in a dramatic and unique family show.

    The Medieval Festival and Son et Lumière were combined with live Medieval action entertainment to create a truly unique and historically visual experience for members of the public, which was brought to life in a fascinating sound and light show spectacular. During the weekend a skirmish and re-enactment took place within the grounds of the castle with a parade through the streets of Rochester. The encampment included a series of craft demonstrations, displays, entertainment and a mounted Medieval knight. An archery tournament was also undertaken within the grounds of the castle.

    Rochester Night Battle and Siege

    During the evening as part of the Son et Lumière, Historical Promotions organised a spectacular night battle and siege of the castle, which was watched by thousands of people. The siege included choreographed combat and archery displays to ensure public safety, which provided a spectacular finale to the days events against the backdrop of the Son et Lumière.

      Clients Comments:

     "Absolutely fantastic, what a show"

       - Medway Council

     "A record day for visitors attending the castle"

       - Rochester Castle(English Heritage)