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Banquet Entertainment

Historical Promotions and Event Management provide professional and dynamic entertainment packages, supplies, accessories and clothing for feasting, banquets, buffet’s, dinners, soirees, suppers and period balls for entertainment programmes at heritage venues, hotels, private and corporate functions. Our entertainment package is also available internationally.


We provide a wide variety of themes to make our client's banquet a memorable occasion with cameo performances, arena displays, static and walkabout entertainment, meet and greet, music, dance, theatre, children’s activities and workshops from Ancient Greece and Rome to post-World War II periods.

Banquet Supplies and Accessories

Historical Promotions can provide a range of authentic period replica supplies and accessories for Roman, Viking, Medieval, Tudor, 17th Century, Georgian and Regency banquets, buffet’s, dinners, soirees, suppers and period balls.

We provide period plates (ceramic, wood and pewter), bowls, glasses, tankards (pewter, wood and leather), cutlery, drinking horns, lights, cauldrons, games, jewellery and many other items from Roman to World War II periods for our clients.

We can also provide a large selection of props and set dressing to transform venue locations or add some extra colour to your banquet, as required.

Historical Clothing Hire and Purchase

Historical clothing for hire or purchase can also be sourced and arranged through Historical Promotions to provide the very best in authentic attire. We cover all historical periods of clothing from Ancient Greek to 1970's. Bespoke period clothing for purchase takes longer and this needs to be made to order, so booking well in advance is always advisable to avoid any disappointment.

We can also provide helmets, armour and chain mail as desired by our clients, if requested.

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