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As our name Historical Promotions states, we are able to use our expert knowledge in providing professional historical interpreters, re-enactors, performers and artistes for a range of promotional, publicity and advertising purposes. We also create large historical and non-historical themed promotional launches and brand concepts for marketing and business campaigns.

Historical Promotions offers a wide and diverse series of packages to our promotional clients, which have featured extensively in promoting books, cinemas, movies, game and console launches, construction, cars and transport, multi-media, travel and tourism and several major product household brands.

We have been employed by many local, regional, national and multi-national companies and tourism agencies in promoting their projects, services and destinations with meet and greet, walkabout, lecturing, scripted shows and appearances to raise the profile of an event and promote the message that they wish to convey. We also undertake demonstrations, displays, hand out leaflets and literature and undertake surveys for our clients.

We have an extensive range of highly skilled and professional costumed interpreters from Ancient Greeks and Romans to 1980's, and other personnel to compliment our client's events or entirely manage projects from conception through to completion.

To find our more about our creative and innovative design proposals, please contact us to discuss your event, promotion, launch or brand marketing campaign.

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