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Event Planning and Management

Historical Promotions and Event Management specialise in organising historical events for our clients working in the cultural heritage industry throughout the UK and abroad. We are able to provide distinct areas of expertise with event researching, design, planning, managing and delivering successful events for decision makers and budget holders. We stage first class professional events for local authorities, government agencies, private and community-based initiatives; owners, managers and administrators of historic properties and castles; events and education officers at museums and show and festival organisers for both indoor and outdoor events.

Event Strategies and Project Design

Historical Promotions has organised a considerable number of events within the UK, with over 600 successful events since the company’s formation in 1999. We have nearly 30 years experience within the cultural heritage events industry and can provide you with practical advice, innovative ideas, design and event strategies for formulating event projects. We can create a specific programme for one off historical events or undertake and entire annual event programme. With so many events undertaken, we pride ourselves on providing events that will engage, entertain and educate members of the public for maximum visitor experience and appeal.

Site Presentation

As part of the event strategy and design of a project, the siting of a historical event is of equally high importance as this helps to create the right period atmosphere for both the public and participants to enjoy. Even on hard standing sites in the centres of busy towns and cities, careful and considered siting of an event can help stimulate the visual appearance of the past, which aids communication and understanding.

Historical Promotions can assist in providing advice on the most suitable locations for historical events and minimise the risk of intrusive noise, backdrops, street furniture, equipment and services, which can reduce the effect, aims and objectives of staging such events. We can also recommend appropriate modern logistical and infrastructure equipment, which will minimise the visual impact on historical events.

We are also happy to make site visits and recommendations for established events, so that our clients can make best use of their historic venues and locations for historical and non-historical events to maximum effect and public enjoyment.

Planning and Managing Events

Historical Promotions offers an integrated and comprehensive service in planning and managing historical and cultural events. Tourism is the biggest industry in the world and our cultural heritage features significantly in attracting visitors to see historical events and interpretation in historic towns and city centres, castles, stately homes, parks, gardens and museums. Planning for historical events in these locations is crucial for successful outcomes and Historical Promotions can assist or entirely plan, co-ordinate and manage an event from conception through to completion. Planning and managing innovative historical events for regeneration and economic programmes, can also assist in releasing funding for public and community-based initiatives.

We can also advise on public relations strategies and policies to ensure maximum marketing for event programmes or alternatively manage the interior procedure.

As event managers, we take the lead in our professional working relationship with our clients, event personnel and contractors to ensure the successful outcome of our events and public enjoyment. We have a stringent Safety Policy and Method Statement, which we, our personnel and contractors adhere to at all times.

Event Delivery

As consummate professionals in organising historical and cultural events, we also ensure that the delivery of the event is as expected. As a continuingly large number of our clients make repeat bookings or are happy to make personal recommendations, we know that by listening to our clients, we have a winning formula in staging successful historical and cultural events throughout the UK and worldwide.

Safety Policy

Our policies and statements are available during the initial planning and design stages of us organising historical and cultural events for our clients.

Historical Promotions and Event Management’s Safety Policy is an integral part of our organisations health and safety policy at our events. This document demonstrates our commitment to the health, safety and welfare of our staff, clients, performers, participants and members of the public attending our events. All events will therefore be well planned in advance and include a specific assessment of risks and detail control and mitigation measures, where any significant risks are identified.

Method Statement

Historical Promotions and Event Management’s Method Statement also forms an integral part of the organisation and management process for our clients. This document is site specific and is usually produced where we have been booked or contracted to undertake an event, and where this has been requested.

For further information on our event planning and management services or to discuss your event in more detail, please contact us.

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