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Training and Health and Safety Services

As a professional historical events company, we also offer specific areas of training for our clients and their staff who wish to improve their skill levels on live interpretation, historical event organisation and health and safety.

Live Interpretation and Historical Event Training

This training is often crucial to event managers, venue staff and students engaged in general event planning and management, but until recently was covered poorly in the cultural heritage events industry. We can provide the following range of in-house service training and various packages designed to suit our client’s needs.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is our key objective in staging a successful event for our clients. We can provide advice on a number of related health and safety issues with regard to staging historical events and identifying key areas of potential risk. We can also advise on key partners to consult with to minimise potential risks when planning an event.

For further details of our training programmes and advice we can offer you and your colleagues, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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