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People value their historic environment and at our clients' request, we can offer a comprehensive public relations and marketing package including, exhibition and events management to publicise recent projects. This assists in raising the profile of the event in the local community and regionally to maximise visitor attendance. We can also provide marketing and publicity strategies for national and international exposure as required. We can arrange both temporary and permanent displays and exhibitions for events and flagship projects with quality marketing and publicity material.

As we organise and supply a vast range of historical re-enactments and costumed interpretation, we can also combine our services to include various educational packages in support of these events and projects through our sister company Heritage Education Services. We also work with archaeologists on related projects undertaking experimental archaeological reconstructions, re-enactments and interpretation through our Archaeology and Heritage Management Consultancy service.

We can also offer a cost effective filming service for both on and off site promotions of historical events, interpretation, archaeological work, displays and exhibitions to enhance the publicity of our client’s commitments to education and the wider community through our film management division.

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For further details of our public relations and marketing services, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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