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Early Music Festivals

We organise Early Music Festivals and Concerts for cathedrals, stately homes, historic properties, castles, local authorities, corporate clients, music festivals, private and charity functions, and children’s events in the UK and worldwide for our clients.

Early Music Sample Programme

Medieval Music

Medieval Music and Masked Dragon Dance Performance

Evoking the spirit of Medieval England, with music, dance, characters and acrobatic skills our performers provide powerful displays of colour, movement and sound. Based around carefully researched music, they bring life to images inspired by Medieval paintings, carvings and literature and provide a wonderful static or walkabout street theatre performance.

The music and dance performances are equally at home at street festivals, pop festivals, churches, art centres’ and specialist early music events. The programming of the music is flexible and imaginative and includes La Divina Commedia a programme exploring the life and times of Dante Alighieri, illustrated with music from Bertrand De Born, The Codex Rossi and other related manuscripts from 14th century Florence with masked dancers and giant puppets inspired by The Divine Comedy and medieval paintings and carvings. Douce Dame Jolie: A programme of music by the women troubadours and trouvères with performances of the stories of Marie de France and related folk tales.

During the show performers play on a variety of authentic musical instruments including: Bagpipes, Hurdy Gurdy, Bray Harp, Citole, Recorders, Dulcimer, Percussion.

Throughout the day the performers will provide a variety of masks, which are worn by the dancers and will include the following: Unicorn, Woodwoos, Devil, Pig, Dragon and Rider.

Renaissance Music

Group 1

A large repertoire of 16th Century popular music, with examples of Merry maids, lusty lads & cheerful cuckolds; the Snake, the Rack and the Gibbet.

Group 2

Rakes, Rogues and Bouncing Doxie: Popular dance tunes and bawdy ballads from the 17th Century and Civil War life.

Georgian Music

Georgian Baroque Dance and Music

Delightful dance of the period with live song and spinet music, with gossip and talks on fashion.

Group 1

A lively witty company of six fine costumed performers with music from some of the best-known composers of the Georgian period – Purcell, Handel, Eccles and Rameau with dances taken from the 18th Century.

Georgian Pantomime Play

Jack and the Enchanted Bean

A family show – with dances, songs and lots of audience participation – that re-works an 18th Century pantomime story, possibly the earliest version of Jack and the Beanstalk.

The Children’s Musical Mystery Tour

An entertaining introduction into historical music from primitive beginning to the Tudors and Stuarts. With costumes, sketches, dances, play-acting, comedy and a riot of period instruments from stones and bones to the hurdy-gurdy and ‘Bum Fiddle’, this show is that rare combination – both educational and highly entertaining. During the day, children and family audiences join Henry VIII’s band, learn a Tudor love song, a courtly dance and how to make an instrument. Along the way they hear ‘caveman music’ and help fight a dragon. A truly memorable day.

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