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Our Historic Environment

The environment is a key feature in governmental and local authority polices, and features heavily in our daily lives in the media, tabloid press and broadsheet newspapers. As part of our understanding of past environments, we have designed two event programmes for our clients that look at our rich and diverse Historical Landscape and Woodland, and our historic Built Heritage.

These two programmes are ideal for governmental offices, local authorities, historic properties, estates, parks and gardens, museums, historic preservation and environmental trusts, conservation trusts and organisations, training programmes, colleges, agricultural shows, woodland fairs and anyone connected with or interested in environmental issues.

We can also provide training and teaching opportunities for members of the public to learn various skills and crafts in making a range of items such as hurdle, basket, rope and besom broom making.

Our Historic Landscape and Woodland

Our Historical Landscape and Woodland events look at issues of farming and land management from the Prehistoric period to ‘Dig for Victory’ campaigns during the Second World War. The events also include the management and use of our historic woodlands in making furniture, equipment and supplying various materials from the Neolithic to Victorian periods.

Our Built Heritage

Our Built Heritage programme looks at vernacular architecture and methods of construction from the Medieval to Victorian period. The demonstrations are varied and include children's building technique workshops.

To find our more about our programme, please contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements.

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