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Historical Children's Events

We have an extensive range of children's historical activities and educational packages for event programmes. These packages are ideal for any and all venues and occasions and link in with the National Curriculum for History at all levels.

Please also see our Children's Activities and Education section on our sister company website Heritage Education Service, for further information on our range of services and clients comments.

Horrible Histories

Historical Promotions and Event Management organises 'Horrible Histories' days for a wide range of clients and event programmes including museums, historic houses and castles, local authorities, children's festivals and parties. These events are extremely popular and cover every period and aspect of history possible.

Events can be tailored to include a single period or a specific aspect of history or combined to create a 'Horrible Histories Spectacular' combining several or more periods, with historical demonstrations, displays, entertainment and children's workshops with make and take home activities.

A Night at the Museum

Following the success of the Hollywood production ' Night at the Museum' staring Ben Stiller, we have designed an interactive and exciting event, which includes all the favourite characters from the movie. The characters and periods include Romans, Cowboys, Native American Indians, American Civil War, Vikings, Cavemen, Attila the Hun, Museum Guards and even an Easter Island mock statue and a very naughty

Children's History Workshop

Our Children's History Workshops are a wonderful way of introducing children to history through hand-on activities and workshops. They are also arts based and allow children to be expressive, creative and imaginative in the work that they achieve and create during the course of the day. The activities also link in with the National Curriculum and have numerous cross curricular benefits in other areas, such as Art and Design, Home Economics, Materials, English, Religious Studies, Math's and all Science based subjects.

We have a wide and diverse programme or can design bespoke packages to suit our client's requirements or venue location.

Technology and Science Through the Ages

Our Technology and Science Through the Ages combines, aspects of Medicine, Technology, Transport (Engineering), Astronomy, Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry to create a truly magical day with whizzes, pops and bangs for a mind blowing visual, sound and hands-on knowledgeable experience.

To find more about all of our historical children events, packages and workshops available, please contact us to discuss your programme and requirements.

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