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Gladiatorial Shows

Welcome to the home of the Gladiatores Britanniae!

Imagine for a moment. You are sitting in the amphitheatre of your home town or city, waiting for the show to start. A cheer goes up as trumpets blast, sending the birds feeding nearby up into the sky above you. From within the bowels of the arena, the pompa emerges - the sumer rudis, Charun, Hermes, the libitarnii, the priestesses of Fortuna and finally - the gladiators themselves.

They are a mixed bunch - a cross section of Romano-British society at the end of the first century AD. Among them you will find soldiers who found themselves on the wrong side of mutinies, criminals, slaves born to fight as well as debauched Romano-British citizens who long for the thrill of the arena. It may end in tears...or even worse. Blood!

All in all, a must see show for all the family.

These events are ideal for historic properties, local authorities, heritage and tourism sites and various indoor venues.

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