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Medieval PuppetsHistorical Promotions and Event Management prides itself on combining education with historical activities and workshops for children. We work with schools through our sister company Heritage Education Service, providing hands on archaeological and historical class based sessions throughout the various Key Stages of History within the National Curriculum. This ethos also extends to our working practices throughout our sister companies.

Our extensive range of period demonstrations, displays, entertainment, shows and workshops are ideal for museums, historic properties, schools, private home tuition, children’s clubs and societies, children’s festivals, parties and special event days.

Our children’s activities can be tailored to suit your particular requirements and budget available. We can provide a series of activities and workshops, with make and keep/take home or have-a-go opportunities on various historical themes. These events can be small in size or large-scale projects, as desired spanning a few hours or an entire weekend. We can cater for any number of children and also provide entertainment for adults at the same time.

Medieval GamesChildren and those with learning disabilities, in particular, are also able to learn from the experience by handling objects, learning about chronology, talking to re-enactors and costumed interpreters and learning new words from their experience. The history activities, workshops, displays and period demonstrations cover a wide range of historical periods covered by the National Curriculum for History, but there are also many other cross-curricular experiences that children also learn, that helps them to develop an understanding of the past.

‘To be ignorant of the past is to remain a child’
Paraphrased from an observation by Cicero

For a more detailed breakdown of our children’s activities and educational benefits, please visit our sister company website Heritage Education Service or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Non-historical Children’s Activities and Workshops

We also have an extensive range of non-historical children’s activities, workshops and entertainment available and can also design specific packages at a very reasonable cost to suit your requirements. Please contact us to see what we can arrange for your child’s special day.

For more information on our Award Winning Events and Clients Comments, please see our film presentations in Featured Events.

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For more information on our sister company specialising in historical and archaeological education and clients comments, please visit our Heritage Education Service

To Find Out More - Heritage Education Service

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