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Historical Events and Re-enactments

Historical Promotions and Event Management works in the UK and worldwide in the cultural heritage, tourism and leisure industry producing high quality and engaging events, and providing event management, corporate programmes and promotional launches.

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Our clients are turning to us to design, manage and deliver historical and interpretative events, as they are increasingly witnessing the benefits of staging these events as forms of entertainment in their event programmes. Imaginatively designed historical events attract the public and generate increases in footfall at historic sites and within town centre environments. They bring valuable economic benefits to businesses and the wider community, help neighbourhoods develop community cohesion through ‘ownership of the past’ and generate pride in a ‘sense of place’ in many deprived areas of the country and internationally within regeneration and sustainable tourism programmes.

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Historical events also engage children at the various Key Stages of the National Curriculum in schools, heritage sites and within the local community. They are an invaluable teaching aid in stimulating children’s imagination, providing hands-on opportunities and creating numerous cross-curricular learning experiences in other areas of the National Curriculum.

The past has an important role to play within the tourism, heritage and education sectors and within economic and social planning, as an understanding and appreciation of our past helps us to know where we have come from, who we are and where we are going as a society. It encourages the public to begin to take an active role to protect and conserve our heritage, as ‘custodians of the past’ for the benefit of future generations.

We understand our clients, their aims and objectives and we ensure the delivery of outstanding professional events for our clients by helping them to choose the right event and event strategy.

Choosing the Right Event and Strategy

Historical Promotions and Event Management assists our clients in providing sound knowledge and experience in providing advice on the right event for venues and locations. As we offer an unprecedented range of historical cultural events and live interpretation, we should be consulted at an early stage so as to ensure that aims and objectives are fulfilled and that the event is secured within your budget.

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Single Events and Annual Event Programmes

Our historical and interpretative events have many permutations, but generally fall into single or annual event programmes. These are ideal as standalone events for visitor attractions or as part of an entire annual event programme. The events are colourful, exciting and provide excellent entertainment value. We are able to organise events to the highest standards to meet our client’s specific needs or supply various historical groups, demonstrations, displays and entertainment to suit event programmes, as required.

Below is a representation of some of the periods and activities we cover:

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Neolithic tool manufacture, Copper and Bronze Age metal working, Ancient Greeks, Iron Age life, Romans and Gladiators: parades, calvary and equestrian displays, Saxon invaders, Viking battles, Norman knights, Medieval tournaments, Jousting, Tudor markets and historical craft demonstrations, English Civil War: muskets, pikes and cannon, American War of Independence, Jacobite Redcoats, Nelsons navy, The American West, Victorians, World War I, Fashion, food and cookery through the ages, Historical music, song and dance from the Medieval period to the 1940s, Falconry, Period encampments, Historic ships and boats from the Bronze Age to WWII, Military and classic vehicles, WWI and WWII aircraft, Camp followers and everyday life from the Bronze Age to 1960’s, Japanese Samurai, Arena events from Ancient Greeks and Romans to WWII, Puppet shows, Have a go archery, Children's activities and workshops, Street theatre and walkabout entertainment...and so much more!

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To find out more about our Consultancy and Event Management Services, please visit our Cultural Heritage Event Management section.

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