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Historical Promotions and Event Management is able to provide a diverse and extensive range of living history presentations and historical demonstrators from the Palaeolithic (Stone Age) through to 1940’s period re-enactors and live interpretation. Living history performances undertaken by historical groups and period craft demonstrations undertaken by individuals for event programmes, has continued to increase in popularity for our local authority, museum, historic property and school-based clients.

Roman Standard BearerLiving history and period demonstrations can be undertaken in first or third person, but offer a fascinating, informative and intimate visitor experience for members of the public, where this method of using the past is employed in historical cultural event programmes.

Living history demonstrations are suitable for a myriad of venues including historic properties, museums, shows and events, schools, corporate functions and are widely used in conjunction with all our other historical event programmes. The encampments and demonstrations can take place over a day or any length of time, depending on your own requirements and subject to the availability of participants.

We also work with clients to bring period properties to life with living history and live interpretation for historic properties, museums and other clients with sensitive internal presentations. These can include various craft making activities, household and servant presentations, gentry life, etiquette and fashions, readings and musical performances, food preparation, cooking and period dining to name some of the period interpretations requested by our clients.

Our skilled period craft demonstrations are extensive, amongst which include historical trades and occupations:

Medieval CookingFletcher, Calligrapher, Blacksmith, Cobbler, Wood Turner, Cordwainer, Scribe, Moneyer, Pewter Caster, Silversmith, Potter, Horn Worker, Barber Surgeon, Tailor, Mason, Spinner, Weaver, Wheelwright, Pole-lathe Turning, Bowyer, Armourer, Chandler, Cookery, Leather Worker, Embroiderer, Basket Maker, Alchemist, Apothecary, Cartographer, Mail Maker, Rope Maker, Limner, Dyer, Period Games, Flint Knapper, Hide Working, Tile Maker, Spoon Maker, Lace Maker, Sail Maker and Bellows Maker to name just a small selection of some of our historical craft demonstrations, all which use traditional tools, techniques and methods of working.

For more information on our Award Winning Events and Clients Comments, please see our film presentations in Featured Events.

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You can also find out more about our range of events by visiting our Client Access area to view some of our Bespoke and Specialist Events, Clients Comments, More Featured Filmed Events and a wealth of other information.

To Find Out More - Client Access

To discover more about our extensive range of living history encampments and period demonstrations, please contact us.

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