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Our maritime heritage features heavily within our nations seafaring history. It has been our defence in time of war and our trading link with Europe and the international community for thousands of years, and today features as a magnet for cultural tourism and leisure pursuits. Historical Promotions works with a number of local authorities, show organisers and cultural heritage agencies in advising and developing heritage programmes for events to celebrate our rich maritime past.

Educational content features highly within our event programmes, as we are keen to promote marine and maritime conservation with particular reference to our maritime and coastal archaeology and heritage. We are Members of the Nautical Archaeology Society and promote the aims and objectives of this internationally recognised organisation.

Since our foundation, we have worked on a number of key maritime events, which culminated in 2005, when we were contracted by a number of local authorities, historic properties, museums and show organisers to develop a series of maritime events to co-inside with the government-designated Year of the Sea ('SeaBritain 2005'). SeaBritian included marking the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar and the death of Admiral Lord Nelson in 1805, with a diverse programme of events and festivals celebrating the bicentenary and the many ways in which the sea continues to be an integral part of our lives through leisure, tourism, trade and commercial pursuits.

As part of this national celebration, Historical Promotions were instrumental in organising a series of maritime events across the county as part of the bicentenary and New Trafalgar Dispatch, which travelled from Falmouth to London and recorded the news of the victory at Trafalgar and the death of Admiral Lord Nelson. Since 2005, our work organising various historical maritime events has continued to grow within the cultural heritage market.

As organisers of maritime events, we supply costumed interpreters, demonstrations, displays, waterborne activity and entertainment that covers the history of our naval, defensive, trading and shore side past from the Roman invasion and Saxon Shore Forts, through Henry VIII's castles and Martello Towers built as defence against Napoleon, to the chain of pill boxes and radar stations for home front defence during World War II. We also provide more sedate trade and craft demonstrations that cover our economic growth and industrial past from the mid 17th - early 20th Century, which includes ships surgeon, chandlers, rope making, sail making, scrimshaw working, bone carving, net making and cooking to name a few of our maritime presentations.

We provide various historical maritime demonstrations to include Bronze Age and Iron Age seafarers, Roman marine crews, Viking and Saxon seafarers, Medieval and Tudor traders and explorers, 18th and 19th Century naval personnel, marines and ships crews, Victorian bargemen, narrow boat crews, steam ship officers and passengers, naval marines and ship's officers, WWII marines and naval crews; live displays of naval cooking, food preparation, craft demonstrations, children's activities and workshops, entertainment and talks and lectures.

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We also work with various film and television production companies in supplying period maritime extras and waterborne craft, and sourcing locations and props.

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To find about more about our fabulous maritime events, please contact us to discuss your plans.

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