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Local Authorities, Shows and Festivals

Working with local authorities, show and festival organisers we undertake an enormous range of historical cultural events and projects including demonstrations, displays and entertainment for event programmes spanning over 2,000 years of British, European, North American and world history.

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We work extensively with local authority officers of all posts and levels, decision makers, budget holders, promoters and show and festival organisers to design, co-ordinate and deliver events, but also to supply various participants, performers and artistes for established shows. Our events range from Roman cavalry presentations and combat displays to 1940’s life on the home front and from Viking battle re-enactments to historic maritime naval events of most periods.

We usually deliver these presentations in third person, although first person can also be applied for suitable events, but include workshops, cameos, arena events, demonstrations, period displays and encampments.

We work closely with our clients and their staff to deliver small scale events comprising for example a Tudor experience day, to large scale multi-period festivals involving hundreds and often thousands of participants over an entire weekend or week long festival programme.

For more information on our range of Award Winning Events and Clients Comments, please see our film presentations in Featured Events.

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You can also find out more about our range of events by visiting our Client Access area to view some of our Bespoke and Specialist programmes, Events and Clients Comments, More Featured Filmed Events and a wealth of other information.

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