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Cultural Heritage and Live Interpretations

The role of cultural heritage management strategies is continuing to grow in importance in many communities and government policies refer to the historic environment as giving a ‘sense of place’ and enhancing the quality of life to its community. Historical re-enactments and live interpretation for event programmes contribute to bringing communities together in celebration of a common cultural heritage. Where cultural heritage is diverse, sensitive live interpretation can enhance understanding and educate communities with various cultural backgrounds and differences.

Historical Promotions and Event Management with its sister companies, employs an inter-disciplinary approach and provides bespoke and innovative historical interpretative events for cultural projects by working alongside events officers, tourism and government agencies for the benefit of the community.

We also work extensively with historic houses and museums, providing interactive learning experiences for our visitors, which are based on historical accuracy, performance and interpersonal communication skills in either first or third person. These services include walkabout characters, tour guides, musicians, life below and above stairs, craft skills, living history, cooking and formal dining to name but a few.

We can offer a cost effective filming service for cultural interpretative projects, displays and exhibitions to provide a living archive for public consumption, training, promotions, sales and education though our film management division Heritage Film Services.

Our work also includes organising ‘Archaeology in the Classroom’ and ‘History Day’ school visits, which are available at various educational institutions though our Heritage Education Service. This focuses on cultural interpretive projects and the educational benefits that can be brought to children within the local community.

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